FFRC Charm Makes Masters Liuxuesheng Forget Home





Christmas is deemed as time of joy, love and sharing among Christians world over. It is a long held belief that the event marks the birth of Jesus Christ and wherever a Christian is at that particular moment, the atmosphere is celebratory and this did not elude foreign students undergoing post graduate studies at Wuxi Fisheries College, a constituent of Nanjing Agriculture University.    
With support from college management, the students hosted a Christmas party and the presence of Chinese staff members was an icing on the cake as it reflected love and togetherness in diversity. Whilst always preoccupied with academic and research endeavors, the party also commemorated birthdays of three beloved colleagues (in the picture) born in the months of December.     
Being time for joy and love, all speeches and performances hinged on advancing ones spiritual life in relation to academic excellence while studying in Peoples Republic of China.     
Students senior president Barry reminded the students to extend the same love Jesus had shown to each other considering that all have one destiny of acquiring higher education in a country far away from home and with a distinct culture altogether. As the world is revolving into a global village, he emphasized the importance of intra cultural respect.  
Barry urged the students not to relax in their studies in view of the coming holidays and also need to adhere to self financial discipline for easy survival during their say in China.     
While outlining the origin of Christmas, Baird Chilora stressed that this is not time for high partying only but also entrenching a spirit of love and forgiveness among believers as they take stock of life lived in the past and reflect for the coming year, in such a way making a world so peaceful to live in.
Malawis poet of all seasons David Khumbanyiwa recitals on Christmas and characterization of each member in his cohort brought more laughters of joy at the function before earlier on Lerato Mabe conducted a basic bible quiz to dish out candies to eleven lucky ones including programs coordinator Miss LI Feifan.       
We wish the entire FFRC/WFC management and staff a prosperous 2016. FFRC has really become our home away from our homes read a statement from the 2015/17 Masters Students presidency in appreciation to cordial support rendered by management.