"A family selection method of pearl white strain of the red tilapia" won national invention patent license


In August, Mr. Zhu Wenbin and Prof. Dong Zaijie from aquatic genetic breeding laboratory of freshwater fisheries research center, invented " A family selection method of  pearl white strain of the red tilapia" which won for national invention patent license, patent number: ZL201410684271.3.

The present invention belongs to aquaculture technology field, provides a pearly white strain of red tilapia family selection method, the description in the method includes: (1) brooders' selection: among all different color of red tilapia,we selected pearl white color and their whole body without red and black color, and choose the ones which have obvious growth advantage of red tilapia as standby brooders; (2) establish a family: put the selected brooders into a cage for adaptability aquaculture, according to the proportion of male and female 1:1 to do the artificial breeding, hatchery and seed rearing all conducted seperately; (3) red tilapia pearl white strains selection: make sure about the red tilapia juvenile growth stage and adult fish stage, select thehigh proportions pearl white tilapiaand good growth characteristics families as the next generation base family.According to the above method, after 2 ~ 4 generations of family selection, we can develop a pearl white strains of red tilapia. The present invention avoids inbreeding, effectively curesdegenerationthe red tilapia variety, maintains the genetic diversity; speeds up the breeding process, and improve the efficiency of breeding.