"A kind of balancedamino acid tilapia feed" won national invention patent license


In June, Prof. Yang Hong and his team invented "A kind of balanced amino acid tilapia feed" won national invention patent license, patent number: ZL 201410033514.7.

The invention belongs to the aquaculture technology field, it provides a suitable healthy and environmentally friendly tilapia feed formula.The raw materialspercentage offormula is as follows: 28 ~ 40 protein source materials, fat source material 2 ~ 9, 35-55 sugar source raw materials, compound vitamin 0 ~ 3.0, the compound mineral salt 0 ~ 3.0, the antioxidants in 0 ~ 0.3, adhesive is 0 ~ 4, cellulose 0 ~ 13. The invention can meet the nutrient requirements of the optimaltilapia growth, effectively solve the problem which is brought by the unbalanced amino acid of the feed. It also improved the profit, lower the pollution during aquaculture process, and had a very high value of extension and application.