Furui carp technologies has been recorded in Sustainable intensification of aquaculture in the Asia-Pacific region by FAO




To further spread the existing sustainable aquaculture innovation system and practice experiencein Asia,  a publication of food and agriculture organization (FAO) of the United Nations  record the successful sustainable intensive aquaculture practices of the Asia-pacific region to promote sustainable development of intensive aquaculture.

Prof. Dong Zaijie, deputy director from Genetic Breeding  lab of  freshwater  fisheries research center,  wrote an article named as "Development of an improved common carp strain and its dissemination in China" which has been included as the first successful practice cases by the FAO. The case describes the Furui carp industrial technology including genetic breeding, aquaculture and extension, and introduces the breeding platform, intensive aquaculture demonstration and extension and application platform. The article uses detailed examples and data to illustrate the influence of Furui carp on farmers' income increase, and analyze the existing challenges in the integration of industry. It also puts forward further development directions.

The experts from 12 countries had offered 28 sustainable aquaculture system or practice cases to FAO. After the review and discussion, eight sustainable intensive aquaculture practices were recorded as successful cases.