National Invention Patent granted to "A PCLS-based method for fresh fish liver tissue fixing"


"A PCLS-based method for fresh fish liver tissue fixing", invented by DU Jinliang, YIN Guojun, CAO Liping, JIA Rui, etc. from China-Hungary Joint Laboratory for Fish Immune Pharmacology of FFRC, gained the national invention patent authorization, the patent number: ZL 201310028302.5.

The invention discloses a method for fresh fish liver tissue fixing based on precision-cut liver slices technology (PCLS), which goes like this: prepare agarose solution of 10-50g/L, place the solution in a container; when the solution temperature decreases to 10-60, put the fresh liver tissue  collected into it, and when the agarose solution is completely solidified,  the  fresh fish liver tissue will also be fixed. This method is simple and convenient, and can be widely used in scientific research.